Scientific Program:

The Program, the Book of Abstracts, and the Book of Graphic Abstracts are online.


  • 28 Jan, 2016   (Album)   (pps)

  • 27 Jan, 2016  (Album)  (pps)

  •    Students Awards

    •     Superior Student Posters
      • Masao Hayami, Waseda University
      • Hao Geng, Peking Unviersity Shenzhen Graduate School
    •     Excellent Student Posters
      • Tian-Yu Sun, Peking Unviersity Shenzhen Graduate School
      • Jinlong Guo, National University of Singapore
      • Yu-Fu Wang, National Taiwan University
    •     Superior Student Oral
      • Yuya Nakajima, Waseda University
    •     Excellent Student Orals
      • Ayumi Ohta, Sophia University
      • Maneeporn Puripat, Chulalongkorn University


  • 26 Jan, 2016   (Album)   (pps)

  • 25 Jan, 2016  (Album)  (pps)


    Special Issue of the Australian Journal of Chemistry:

    The Australian Journal of Chemistry will publish a dedicated issue to commemorate the APATCC7 Conference.
    Details please refer to The Invitation from the Associate Editor Prof. Richard M.W. Wong.